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10% donation to our two nonprofits for supporting the community missions 

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CEO Dr. Sarah Sun Liew 

As a CEO of Meridian BH realty and management has served as the chief executive officer of several companies. She had to serve the community as a second-generation education pastor for local churches, as a dean of a non-profit vocational training college, and serving as a great educator and pastor for more than 30 years.


She has worked in various fields, including law, business tax, non-profit management, international law, and more. Eventually, she acquired a wide range of expertise and a wide range of disciplines through three doctoral degrees.


She started a variety of investment and real estate businesses from the very beginning of her immigration. She was also a high-tech entrepreneur to create the first business that did not exist at the time.


Her business first started in Southern California in1996, then expanded to Northern California, then expanded to the United States, and now as a partner of a global business company serving 147 countries worldwide. Since then, she has moved her headquarters to Northern California for about seven years in 2000. She has appeared on TV and in newspapers several times as the industry's most successful female entrepreneur. Since then, the company has expanded its services nationwide.

Between 2003 and 2007, when she traveled across the United States to expand her business, she established offices in major cities, created many offices covering the United States, created many agents, and created jobs and helping the business owners and entrepreneurs


The company moved its headquarters to Beverly Hills and LA in 2007 and is now operational. For 26 years, she has grown to serve 147 countries with Vantiv, Worldpay by FIS, and NPC, the world's leading financial banking services company, helping business owners across the United States and visiting Asia and Europe 2011-2015 to serve the industry. As a leading leader, she was one of the most successful female CEOs in the global finance sector, exploring the international community's research. She has also worked for many years as a Channel Partner, selling merchant services at Bank of America, WELLS FARGO, CHASE, and several banks.

She was invited to interviews and talk shows as a successful female entrepreneur through various newspapers and television outlets in Southern, Northern California, and other states.

She is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry in various major media outlets, including k tan tv, Korean-American radio, K-am news, Korea daily and Korean times, newspaper, weekly entertainment street trees, and flea markets. IT finance through various media. She has used banking, commodity, business, finance, legal, investment, and many other columns to provide professional information to local business owners and support numerous business owners and entrepreneurs' expertise and services.

She has been running a financial and real estate investment company since 1996. Hundreds of financial and investment partnership companies have worked with her. She has worked for four years to collaborate with the Berkshire Hathaway & Prudential real estate Beverly Hills office run by Warren Buffett from 2011-2015

She currently operates a state-of-the-art global banking firm in Beverly Hills, County 33, and runs real estate firms, a global investment, and legal services.

She has the most clients of 26 years of active business, especially in District 33, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hancock Park, Malibu Beach, Palace Board, Long Beach, Torrance, and Manhattan Beach Carlsbad. For 26 years, she has helped business owners in all of Californian and nationwide and worldwide and provides the latest local services for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Having met tens of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs, investors, and landlords, she is well aware of their pain and the challenges and needs of running a business. 

For 26 years, she has experienced entrepreneurship and small business ownership and knows the pain and difficulties. So, she is ready-to-work for the same entrepreneur who can help with business owners' needs in the area.


She is a CEO who has gone through a complicated process from start to top executive to understand and help entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs who have experienced many successes and failures to this day. She always helps local business owners and creates more jobs. 

Dr. Sarah Liew has a very distinguished educational background. She has a Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing Degree with a Major in Study for Non-profit and Profit Marketing and Sales at Newburgh University.

She also completed a Certified Harvard Business School (MBA) Online Major studied for certified completion Leadership Principal & Entrepreneur Essentials.

Certified Completion Harvard Graduate School of Education (MED) Online Major studied certified of completion for certified leading change for School Management. 

She has a D.B.A. (Doctor Business Administration) Degree, Major Study for International Trade and E-commerce Information Technology and Finance at Pacific State University.

She studied M.B.A /CPA at UC Berkeley and studied for CPA for the financial manager. She studied M.B.A, a major Study for International trade and e-commerce information technology and finance at Pacific State University.

She graduated with a Second Postdoctoral Ph.D. Biblical Preaching Degree, Major study for comparison of impact for public between the Leadership of Jesus' Biblical Preaching and Leadership of Political Leaders' Speech at Newburgh University.

She studied at Abraham Lincoln Law school for a JD doctoral program pursued to be a business attorney (2001-2003) Also, she graduated with paralegal courses & LDA courses both same time from Pacific International Graduate School of Law


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